My Virgin Hair

My Virgin Hair

After two years of struggle, I now finally have 100% virgin hair.  In the honor of getting my previous hair back, I thought to share with you my hair story about Pelo Baum Hair Products. How my hair used to be and how they turned into disaster? And what remedy did I choose in order to get my old, natural and shiny hair back?

The very last dye job that I had was Ombre, back in April 2014. It was for my birthday. I really wanted to change my look. My hair before the hair dye used to be really long and healthy. So the thing started when I went to the salon. Before started dying my hair, the stylist trimmed it in order to increase the volume of hair. After the whole process of hair color and dying it with my chosen Ombre combination, I absolutely loved my hair. The extreme end step is to blow dry hair in order to give them style. When my hair stylist started styling my hair, they started coming off excessively like the ice-cream melts when exposed to heat. Similarly, my hair was literally melting and I kind of freak out.

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